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The Pipe Optics Trailer

The trailer carries all camera types described. Its power supply is via a 240 V generator. This negates the need for mains power. The trailer contains a laptop computer as well as a printer. It also has an extra screen for the client to observe the inspection process. This has the advantage of enabling the client, should they wish, to identify areas that they would like to take some time to observe in detail.

The same footage is then supplied as a permanent record of the inspection. A detailed wincan report can be supplied. Should the inspection point be difficult to access using a vehicle, the camera equipment is fully portable and can be carried to the site.


  • Fully outfitted trailer
  • All cameras available on board at all times.
  • Separate screen for client to observe inspection.
  • 4WD vehicle for remote access.
  • Camera equipment portable for difficult to access places