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Drain/Conduit Cleaning and Locating.

The high pressure water jetter is able to clear blocks in both sewer and storm water pipes. The jetter will effectively clear sewer conduits of grease, sand and silt and a build-up of sewage. The jetter is useful for cleaning the pipe prior to camera inspection. Once the pipe walls are cleaned a more accurate CCTV defect observation can be carried out.

The Jetter is also able to flush Storm water pipes of debris.

  • Clears blockage and any sand and silt in the invert.
  • Pre pipe inspection cleaning of conduit walls.
  • Flushes pipes of debris.

The EEL is a mechanical drain cleaning machine that is able to clean sewer blockages that have resulted from a build-up of sewage or the growth of roots from trees etc. This piece of equipment works well on cutting tree roots so that flows can be restored.

  • Clears blockages containing sewage and roots.
  • Very effective at cutting tree root obstructions.

Pipe and cable locating is also part of the Pipe Optics package. There are two types of locators available. They are able to locate accurately problems that are observed during the pipe inspection. A locator is also available to detect buried, hard to find, water pipes, power cables sewer lines and major conduits.

  • Two locators available, depending on location type.
  • Detection of camera position underground.
  • Detection if water pipes, power cables, sewer lines and conduits.