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Crawler Camera

The Crawler Camera/Tractor is a self-propelled camera which is capable of panning, rotating and zooming on every area of the inside of a pipe. The Pan and Rotate function enables close inspections of joints, junctions connections and general conduit conditions such as cracks and fractures. It is capable of travelling in pipe sizes ranging from 100mm up to 1200mm diameter.

The unit measures accurately the distance travelled in the conduit. This distance is displayed on the CCTV footage supplied to the client. The tractor is fitted with a transmitter which can be used with our Sonde locator for accurate above ground lateral location and depth.Crawler Camera

  • Fully portable system. Can be relocated from trailer in minutes for difficult to access jobs.
  • Pan and Rotate and Zoom functions.
  • Continuous assessment of conduit from Manhole to Manhole.
  • Laser measurement of crack and fracture widths.
  • Laser pipe diameter measurement.
  • Manhole and shaft inspection adaptor.
  • Above ground location with Sonde locator for accurate position reporting.
  • Used with Wincan V8 reporting software