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About Flow Solutions (formerly Pipe Optics)

We have a number of options available to the client for pipe/conduit inspection. We have a crawler camera with that ability to pan and rotate in order to recieve a complete rotational inspection of a pipe, and laser crack width measurement functions. The crawler also has a transmitter, which makes it easy to locate underground using our Sonde device. Pipe Optics also has a Quickview Zoom Camera, which offers a rapid, cost effective assessment of Pipe condition.

Our camera range includes a manhole inspection adapter that can be tied to a rope and pulled through smaller conduits, such as electrical conduits. This method of inspection allows us to negotiate multiple bends. The 3 push rod cameras are able to assess the condition of small diameter conduits and are particularly useful for domestic applications.

All Cameras have transmitters which enable underground location using our Sonde locator. This can identify, very accurately, the problems that have been observed using the cameras. It also lets the client know at what depth the problem is situated.

Our fully fitted out trailer carries all cameras at all times. We also have a client viewing monitor, so that the client can watch the inspection as it is carried out.

Call Stephen on 0448 822 815 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any enquiries or work required.